Online presentation: Magical Papyri

Dr. Ljuba Bortolani

Dr. Ljuba Bortolani

The Universitätsbibliothek Leipzig owns two magical papyri that, though quite short and fragmentary, display interesting features that can exemplify some typical characteristics of Graeco-Egyptian magical texts. P.Lips. inv. 429 is a fragment of a magical handbook that seems to contain also an incantation in hexameters, a Greek metre that was frequently employed in magical spells. On the other hand, P.Lips. inv. 418 is an example of 'applied magic' and it may actually belong to the so-called 'prayers for justice', documents that are distinguished from magical texts proper because of their juridical shades and scant use of distinctive 'magical' elements (such as voces magicae).

The presentation will be in English.

21. Mai 2021, 18 Uhr

Livestream (Youtube)
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Referentin: Dr. Ljuba Bortolani


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