Permanent exhibition

Online here and in the form of sixteen illuminated panels at Bibliotheca Albertina: outstanding manuscripts, significant collection items, photos of the building.

The installation of the exhibition in the foyer of Bibliotheca Albertina was made possible in 2015 by the Wüstenrot foundation. The association of friends of Bibliotheca Albertina have enabled printing the brochure "Reflections of book culture" (german only).

Outstanding manuscripts

Five pages from the rich holdings of several thousands manuscripts display unique texts from antiquity and the Middle Ages (Ebers Papyrus, Codex Sinaiticus, Heliand Fragment, Öljaitü's Baghdad Qu'ran, Leipzig Machsor).

A library of libraries

Five works from more than five million are examples of where the collections came from (Leipzig Council Library, Monastery Libraries, University Collections, Private Collections, Estates).

Bibliotheca Albertina 1891–1991

Six Photographs show the building before and after its destruction in 1945 (New library building 1891, Moving Books, Historical Reading Room, Saving the books 1944, Destruction 1945, Staircase in the open 1991).