News archive fire safety works at Bibliotheca Albertina


Fire protection works: scaffolding at the main entrance

From Monday 16 September 2019, repairs have to be carried out to the group of figures of the Bibliotheca Albertina's main entrance. This requires a scaffolding in front of the main entrance, which ...  [more]


Bibliotheca Albertina: East Reading Area closed from mid-August

Due to the ongoing fire safety work, the second and third floors of the east wing will be completely closed from 12 August 2019 probably until the end of September 2019. [more]


Bibliotheca Albertina: closed until 2 pm on 1 October

On 1 October 2019, the new smoke extraction system in the foyer of Bibliotheca Albertina will undergo testing. The building will therefore be closed on this day until 2 pm.  [more]


Special Collections: until October 30 collections can't be used

Due to the ongoing fire safety work, parts of the special collections cannot be used from August 31 until approximately October 30, 2019. This concerns the following collections: medieval ...  [more]


Fire safety work at Bibliotheca Albertina

Between 1 January 2018 and the end of 2020, extensive fire safety alterations will be required at Bibliotheca Albertina. [more]