Funding for open access monographs and edited volumes

This fund is used to support the open access (OA) publication of previously unpublished monographs, edited volumes, and also individual articles in edited volumes.

  1. The applicant must be a member or employee of Leipzig University when the manuscript is submitted to the publisher and, being the author or editor, be responsible for paying publishing fees. For OA edited volumes, at least one of the editors must be affiliated with Leipzig University. The affiliation with Leipzig University must come across clearly in the publication.
  2. The publication submitted must meet the following criteria:

    • It should be an OA first publication, i.e. a previously unpublished monograph, edited volume, an article in an edited volume, or a similar format.
    • All sections of the work must be permanently accessible immediately after publication to readers worldwide at no charge (open access).
    • The publication must have a free-content licence – preferably Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY).
    • The publication must be well catalogued, for instance by being listed in the Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB).
    • Publications funded in this way must include an acknowledgement for the financial support received from the publishing fund, e.g. “We gratefully acknowledge support for the Book Processing Charge by the Open Access Publication Fund of Leipzig University” or (in German) “Diese Publikation wurde unterstützt durch den Open-Access-Publikationsfonds der Universität Leipzig."

  3. The publication’s academic quality must be beyond doubt:

    • Prior to publication, the publication must undergo a rigorous quality assurance procedure that is recognized in the field concerned. This must be described in detail in the application and backed up by an external review. The review can be provided by the series editors or in an external procedure, and should preferably be handled by the publisher.
    • Only doctoral theses graded summa cum laude can be considered for funding. In addition, the supervisor must submit a simple letter stating why its open access publishing deserves financial support.
    • Master’s theses and other final papers are not eligible for funding.

  4. The publishing house chosen must meet the following criteria:

  5. Publications which have been produced in connection with externally funded projects and where financial support to cover the costs of publishing is provided can only be funded by this publication fund if insufficient external resources are available.

  • OA publishing fees are reimbursed up to a maximum of:

    • €3,000 (including sales tax) for monographs and edited volumes
    • €1,500 (including sales tax) for articles in edited volumes. Articles in edited volumes also containing articles which aren’t available in open access are not eligible for funding.

  • Funding may be partial, i.e. combined with other sources of finance.
  • Funding approval is only valid for the current calendar year.
  • Funding is only available to cover OA fees (i.e. the OA portion of publication costs). Aspects which are not eligible for funding include printing and typesetting costs, editing, and surcharges for colour or scope.
  • The OA publication may also be published in parallel as a print edition. Note that the costs for this cannot be met by the fund. The OA version must be published at the same time as or before any print version.
  • An application for funding to cover publication costs may be submitted as soon as a concrete contract offer has been received. The order of financing largely depends on the date of invoices. Applications are decided on a quarterly basis.
  • To apply, please complete and submit the application form (Microsoft Word, about 110 KB) along with additional relevant documents (review, contract, copy of the invoice) to