Open Access Financing

Leipzig University has consistently promoted open access (OA) publications by university members since 2014. The Leipzig University OA Publication Fund, which is managed by Leipzig University Library, can be used to support various types of publications, including articles for OA journals, OA monographs and edited volumes, and scholar-led OA projects. In addition, Leipzig University Library has agreed special terms for OA publications with numerous publishers and also participates in cooperative OA funding models.


Quality assurance

To ensure rigorous academic quality, the granting of open access funding at Leipzig University is supervised by representatives of the Rectorate, currently:

  • Professor Marian Burchardt (Institute of Sociology and Leipzig Research Centre Global Dynamics)
  • Professor Oliver Czulo (Institute of Applied Linguistics and Translatology)
  • Professor Barbara Drinck (Institute of Educational Sciences)
  • Professor Marius Grundmann (Felix Bloch Institute of Solid State Physics)
  • Professor Michael Schaefer (Rudolf Boehm Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology)
  • Professor Christian Wilhelm (Institute of Biology)