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The electronic journals library (EZB) offers access to scientific journals of all subjects. In addition to resources licensed to UBL, the EZB also lists e-journals which are free to access and e-journals licensed by other libraries. To get you started, you can choose between keyword search and subject listing. Accessibility of the journals is represented via a traffic-light icon. In some cases, only certain years of a journal may be fully accessible. Please see the actual journal entry for detailed information.

EZB – List by title


Fabryka Silesia : kwartalnik

Fachdienst Strafrecht (FD-StrafR) (via Beck)

Facial Care Industry Profile: Austria (via EBSCO Host)

Facial Treatments Industry Profile: China (via EBSCO Host)

Faculty in Focus / Faculty of Business Administration and Economics, University of Paderborn

Faith & Sword: A Short History of Christian-Muslim Conflict (via EBSCO Host)

Familienbericht / Bundesministerium für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend

Family Law Quarterly (via EBSCO Host)

Family Visiter & Sunday School Magazine (via EBSCO Host)

Farabi Pharmaceutical Co. Medtrack Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Farmer & Mechanic (via EBSCO Host)

FAS Quarterly Reference Guide to World Horticultural Trade

Fast Food Industry Profile: Spain (via EBSCO Host)

Fats & Spreads Industry Profile: Poland (via EBSCO Host)


Federal Courts Law Review, The (via Hein Online)

Federal Reserve Bulletin (via EBSCO Host)

FEI Company MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Female Guardian / Designed to Correct Some of the Foibles Incident to Girls, The (via ECJ)

Feminist Theories & Social Work: Approaches & Applications (via EBSCO Host)

Fermentek Ltd Medtrack Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

FES Connect

FGTB Construction

Fidelity National Information Services, Inc. MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

FierceWireless (via EBSCO Host)

Film Criticism (via EBSCO Host)

Filosofičeskie Pisma = Philosophical Letters

Finance: Challenges of the Future (via EBSCO Host)

Financial Market Report / Bank of Finland

Financial Stability Report / Bank of Korea

Financial Stability Review / Qatar Central Bank

Finantsinspektsiooni Aastaraamat = Financial Supervision Authority Yearbook

Finasucre S.A. MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Finning International Inc. MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Fire-side Words/ by Elihu Burritt (via EBSCO Host)

First Data Merchant Services Corporation SWOT Analysis (via EBSCO Host)

First Peoples Child & Family Review

Fiscalité Européenne: Luxembourg (via EBSCO Host)

Fisher's Colonial Magazine and Journal of Trade, Commerce and Banking

Fitchburg Homeopathic Medical Journal (via EBSCO Host)

Fixed Line Telecoms Industry Profile: Italy (via EBSCO Host)

Flanders Corporation MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Fletcher Security Review (via Hein Online)

Flora & Bannerol Case Study: Obtaining Consumer Loyalty in Cholesterol-Lowering Products (via EBSCO Host)

Florida Journal of International Law (via Hein Online)

Flügelrad, Das AG SWOT Analysis (via EBSCO Host)

FOIA Update (via Hein Online)

Folia Microbiologica: Holländische Beiträge zur gesamten Mikrobiologie

Folklor/Edebiyat = Folklore/Literature

Food and Agricultural Immunology. (via EBSCO Host)

Food & Grocery Retail Industry Profile: Colombia (via EBSCO Host)

Food Retail Industry Profile: Egypt (via EBSCO Host)

Food Science of Animal Resources

Foodservice Industry Profile: Sweden (via EBSCO Host)

Footwear Industry Profile: Scandinavia (via EBSCO Host)

Fordham Intellectual Property, Media and Entertainment Law Journal (via Hein Online)

Foreign Policy Analysis (via EBSCO Host)

Forensic Toxicology


Fornvännen: Journal of Swedish Antiquarian Research

Forschung und Lehre mit Profil

Forschungsbericht / SRH Hochschule für Gesundheit

Forskningsarkivet Informerar

Fortschrittsbericht Aufbau Ost für das Jahr ... / Freistaat Thüringen

Forum for Promoting 3 - 19 Comprehensive Education (älter als 3 Jahrgänge)

Forum of Mathematics. Pi

Forum Verkehr : Newsletter

Foundation University Journal of Psychology (FUJP)

FPL Group, Inc. SWOT Analysis (via EBSCO Host)

Fragrances Industry Profile: Poland (via EBSCO Host)

France Telecom SWOT Analysis (via EBSCO Host)

Frankenblick Bote: Amtsblatt der Gemeinde Frankenblick

Fraser of Allander Institute Economic Commentary (formerly: Quarterly Economic Commentary)

FRBSF Economic Letter

Freedmen's Monitor & Working-Man's Looking-Glass (via EBSCO Host)

Freiburger Uni-Magazin

French Colonial History (via EBSCO Host)

Freshwater Biology

Friend (1866-1868) (via EBSCO Host)

Frjáls Verslun

Fronteiras: Journal of Social, Technological and Environmental Science

Frontiers in Chemistry

Frontiers in Microbiology

Frontiers in Sports and Active Living

Frontiers of Structural and Civil Engineering

Fruit & Vegetables Industry Profile: Belgium (via EBSCO Host)

Fu ren hua bao = The Woman's Pictorial / Deng Qian wen bian ji

FuelCell Energy, Inc. MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Fuji-Zerokkusu-tekunikaru-rep¯oto = Fuji Xerox Technical Report

FullNet Communications, Inc. MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Functional Drinks Industry Profile: Sweden (via EBSCO Host)


Fuqi International, Inc. MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Future Enterprises Limited MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)