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The electronic journals library (EZB) offers access to scientific journals of all subjects. In addition to resources licensed to UBL, the EZB also lists e-journals which are free to access and e-journals licensed by other libraries. To get you started, you can choose between keyword search and subject listing. Accessibility of the journals is represented via a traffic-light icon. In some cases, only certain years of a journal may be fully accessible. Please see the actual journal entry for detailed information.

EZB – List by title

Tǒngjì Wénjiàn

TAB : A Journal of Poetry & Poetics

Tachinid Times Newsletter, The

Tätigkeitsbericht / Deutscher Anwaltverein, Geschäftsführung

Tätigkeitsbericht / Verein Deutscher Zementwerke (VDZ)

Tai Wan Di Li Zi Xun Xue Kan = Journal of Taiwan Geographic Information Science

Taisekigaku kenkyū kaihō = Journal of the Sedimentological Society of Japan

Taiwan-Wenxue-Xuebao = Bulletin of Taiwanese Literature

Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America, Inc Medtrack Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Talley's Group Limited MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Tanmiat al-Rafidain = تنمية الرافدين


Taro Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc. Medtrack Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Tasveer Journal: Online Journal for Photography in India, and Beyond

Tattler, The (Richmond, VA) (via EBSCO Host)

Tax Professional

TC Ziraat Bankasi AS MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Tea Industry Profile: United Kingdom (via EBSCO Host)

Teachers' Feelings of Preparedness (via EBSCO Host)

Teaching Exceptional Children (TEC)

Teaching Together, Learning Together (via EBSCO Host)

Tech & Learning

Technical Repository (via GALE)

Techniques in Shoulder & Elbow Surgery


Technology, Pedagogy and Education (formerly: Journal of Information Technology for Teacher Education) (- 2004)

TECSISTECATL: Economía y Sociedad de México

Teisės Apžvalga = Law Review (via Hein Online)

Tele-Service News (via EBSCO Host)

TelecomWeb News Digest (via EBSCO Host)

Teleperformance SE SWOT Analysis (via EBSCO Host)

Tellus - Series B, Chemical and Physical Meteorology (via EBSCO Host)

Tematy i Konteksty

Temple Law Review Online

Tendências da Pesquisa Brasileira em Ciência da Informação

Tenso Diagonal: Revista de Teoría, Crítica y Creación sobre Literaturas, Culturas y Comunidades Fronterizas

Teoría y Práctica. Revista de Agresados

Terezínské Listy

Terrestrial Ecology

Tesla Motors, Inc. MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Tetracore Inc Medtrack Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Texas Heart Institute Journal . (via EBSCO Host)

Texas Tech Law Review (via Hein Online)

Textile: The Journal of Cloth & Culture

Textos en Proceso (TEP)

Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine, The

Tharandter Klimaprotokolle

Theatre, The (via ECJ)

THEN: Technology, Humanities, Education & Narrative

Theologische Revue

Theoretical Chemistry

Theories of the Information Society (via EBSCO Host)

Theory Talks

Therapeutic Proteins Industry Profile: Global (via EBSCO Host)

Theryte Ltd Medtrack Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Third Generation Mobile Devices Industry Profile: Spain (via EBSCO Host)

Thomas Mann Jahrbuch (ältere Jahrgänge via JSTOR)

Three Sides in Search of a Triangle: Singapore-America-India Relations (via EBSCO Host)

Thüringisch-sächsische Zeitschrift für Geschichte und Kunst

Tianwen-xuebao = Acta Astronomica Sinica

Tidsskrift for Mathematik (älter als 144 Jahre) (via JSTOR)

TietoEnator Corporation SWOT Analysis (via EBSCO Host)

Tijdschrift voor Kindergeneeskunde

TIM Participacoes S.A. SWOT Analysis (via EBSCO Host)

Timisoara Journal of Economics and Business


TJX Companies, Inc. MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Tobacco Industry Profile: Denmark (via EBSCO Host)

Today's Management Methods (via EBSCO Host)

Tokyo Century Corporation MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Tom's of Maine Case Study: The Growing Appeal of Natural Personal Care Products to Big Business (via EBSCO Host)

Tools & Tillage: A Journal on the History of the Implements of Cultivation and other Agricultural Processes

Topics in Language Disorders (via OVID)

Toray Industries, Inc. MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Toruńskie Studia Polsko-Włoskie = Studi Polacco-Italiani di Toruń

Totem : Journal du Musée d'Ethnographie de Genève

Tourism Social Science Series

Town Sports International Holdings, Inc. MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Toyo Tire Corp MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

TR News

Tract[s] / National Council of Women of Great Britain and Ireland (via Gerritsen Collection)

Trader Joe's Company MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Tragovi: časopis za Srpske i Hrvatske Teme

Trammo Inc. MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China (via CAJ)

Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society (via EBSCO Host)

Transactions of the IRE Professional Group on Nuclear Science

Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia (2006 -)

Transafrican Journal of History (via JSTOR)

Transfer of Learning in Professional & Vocational Education (via EBSCO Host)

Transfusion Alternatives in Transfusion Medicine


Translational Research

Transnational Dispute Management (TDM)

Transport and Communications Bulletin for Asia and the Pacific

Transportation Law Journal (via Hein Online)

Transportmetrica B: Transport Dynamics (Formerly: Transportmetrica)

Trauma & Loss: Research & Interventions (via EBSCO Host)

Travel Intermediaries Industry Profile: France (via EBSCO Host)

Travel & Tourism Industry Profile: Saudi Arabia (via EBSCO Host)

TRC Companies, Inc. MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Tree Physiology

Trends in Anaesthesia and Critical Care

Trends in Organized Crime (via EBSCO Host)


Tribunal Révolutionnaire, Le (via GALE)

TriMas Corporation MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Tripos, Inc. SWOT Analysis (via EBSCO Host)

Tropical animal science journal

Truck Exports Industry Profile: Japan (via EBSCO Host)

Trucks Industry Profile: India (via EBSCO Host)

True Value Company MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Tryg A/S MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

TTI Newsletter

Türk Arkeoloji ve Etnografya Dergisi

TUI news / Teachers Union of Ireland

Tuning Journal for Higher Education

Turkey Commercial Banking Report (via EBSCO Host)

Turkish Journal of Geriatrics

Turkish Studies Association Newsletter (via JSTOR)

TV & Video Industry Profile: Europe (via EBSCO Host)

Twinings Case Study: Encouraging More Diverse Tastes in Hot Beverages (via EBSCO Host)