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The electronic journals library (EZB) offers access to scientific journals of all subjects. In addition to resources licensed to UBL, the EZB also lists e-journals which are free to access and e-journals licensed by other libraries. To get you started, you can choose between keyword search and subject listing. Accessibility of the journals is represented via a traffic-light icon. In some cases, only certain years of a journal may be fully accessible. Please see the actual journal entry for detailed information.

EZB – List by title

G. Adams' Business Intelligencer (via EBSCO Host)

Gaceta Electoral

Gaia Scientia

Gallaecia (2012 -)

Games Consoles Industry Profile: Germany (via EBSCO Host)

Gangtie = Iron and Steel

Garden of Life Medtrack Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Gas Separation & Purification

Gasschutz und Luftschutz: Zeitschrift für den Gasschutz und Luftschutz der Zivilbevölkerung und für die militärische Gasabwehr

Gateways: International Journal of Community Research & Engagement (via EBSCO Host)

Gazeta Zyrtare e Republike͏̈s se͏̈ Kosove͏̈s = Official Gazette of the Republic of Kosova

GBS: Dyson (via EBSCO Host)

GEA Niro MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Gegenbaurs morphologisches Jahrbuch

Geltek Medtrack Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)


Gemüse : das Magazin für den Professionellen Gemüsebau

Gender Justice, Citizenship & Development (via EBSCO Host)

Gene Therapy

General Conference / International Atomic Energy Agency

General Parts, Inc. SWOT Analysis (via EBSCO Host)

Generative Programming And Component Engineering (GPCE)

Genes & Cancer

Genetic Epistemologist, The

Genexion SA Medtrack Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Genome Informatics

GENterprise GENOMICS Medtrack Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Genworth Financial, Inc. MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Geochemistry of Technogenesis = Heochimija Technohenezu = Geochimija Technogeneza


Geographical and Environmental Modelling

Geography and Sustainability

Geological Journal of China Universities



Georgetown Journal of Law and Public Policy (via Hein Online)


Geotectonica et Metallogenia (via CAJ)

Gerichtliche Kriminalstatistik

German Testing Magazin : das unabhängige Magazin zu Software-Qualität


Geschäftsbericht / Arbeitgeberverband der Versicherungsunternehmen in Deutschland (AGV)

Geschäftsbericht / Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund

Geschäftsbericht ... / K S Aktiengesellschaft

Geschäftsbericht / Studentenwerk Paderborn

Geschäftsverteilungsplan für das Jahr ... / Landgericht Rottweil

Gesetz-Sammlung für den Staat Gotha

Gesetzsammlung für das Fürstenthum Reuß-Lobenstein-Ebersdorf

Gestion 2000 (via EBSCO Host)


GEUS Bulletin (formerly: Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Bulletin)

GFS Chemicals, Inc. Medtrack Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Giant Interactive Group, Inc. MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Giornale di Metafisica

Giustizia Civile

Glas. Odeljenje društvenih nauka = Glas. Classe des Sciences Sociales

GlaxoSmithKline Case Study: Through Mergers & Acquisitions to Success (via EBSCO Host)

Glifos: Revista Trimestral del Centro INAH Campeche

Global Business Perspectives

Global Dialogues / Käte Hamburger Kolleg Centre for Global Cooperation Research

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, The Netherlands

Global Governance : A Review of Multilateralism and International Organizations

Global Journal of Agricultural Research and Reviews, The (GJARR)

Global Journal of Molecular Sciences

Global Media Journal: Turkish Edition

Global Report on Adult Learning and Education

Global Transitions

Glossen : Eine Internationale Zeitschrift zu Literatur, Film und Kunst nach 1945

GmbH Bulletin : GBU (via RDB)

Gnosis: Journal of Gnostic Studies

Godisnjak Akademije Pravnih Znanosti Hrvatske = Croatian Academy of Legal Sciences Yearbook (via Hein Online)

Göttinger Rechtszeitschrift

Golden Enterprises, Inc. MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Golos Anarchista : Eženedělnyj Žurnal

Good News (New York, NY 1868) (via EBSCO Host)

Gorn : Literaturno-Chudožestvennyj i Obščestvenno-Naučnyj Žurnal

Gould Paper Corporation, Inc. MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Government Publications Review (1982-1993)

GP Petroleums Limited MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)


Granarolo S.p.A. MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Graph and Model Transformations (GRaMoT)

Graybar Electric Company, Inc. SWOT Analysis (via EBSCO Host)

Great River Review (via EBSCO Host)

Green & Black's Case Study: Developing a Niche Brand within the Competitive Confectionery Market (via EBSCO Host)

Green Synthesis and Catalysis

Greggs Case Study: Undertaking a Corporate Strategy of Everyday Low Pricing to Achieve Stable Growth (via EBSCO Host)

Grial : revista galega de cultura (ältere Jahrgänge via JSTOR)

Gross Domestic Product of Georgia in ...

Group Facilitation: A Research & Applications Journal (via EBSCO Host)

Groups, Geometry, and Dynamics (2021-)

Grundschule Kunst

Grupo Lamosa SA De CV MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

GSI Articletter (via Hein Online)

Guang Zhou Yi Xue Yuan Xue Bao = Academic Journal of Guangzhou Medical College

Guardian Industries Corp. MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Gui Yang Yi Xue Yuan Xue Bao = Journal of Guiyang Medical College

Guidelines for Exporters of Selected Horticultural Products

Gulf Oil Limited Partnership MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Gum Confectionery Industry Profile: United States (via EBSCO Host)

Guotu-ziyuan-yaogan = Remote Sensing for Land & Resources

GW Pharmaceuticals plc Medtrack Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Gynecological Endocrinology