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The electronic journals library (EZB) offers access to scientific journals of all subjects. In addition to resources licensed to UBL, the EZB also lists e-journals which are free to access and e-journals licensed by other libraries. To get you started, you can choose between keyword search and subject listing. Accessibility of the journals is represented via a traffic-light icon. In some cases, only certain years of a journal may be fully accessible. Please see the actual journal entry for detailed information.

EZB – List by title

I.C.C. International Public Company Limited MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

IAC/INTERACTIVECORP MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

IAU Horizons

IBEX Technologies Inc. MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Icahn Enterprises L.P. MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

ICE Newsletter Archives

ICFAI Journal of Operations Management (via EBSCO Host)

ICL Journal : Vienna Journal on International Constitutional Law

ICSES Transactions on Evolutionary and Metaheuristic Algorithms

IDEA: Ideas for Development in the Americas

Identifying & Managing Project Risk: Essential Tools for Failure-Proofing Your Project (via EBSCO Host)

IDT Australia Limited Medtrack Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

IEE Proceedings - Optoelectronics

IEEE Distributed Systems Online (IEEE DS Online)

IEEE Life Sciences Letters (LSL)

IEEE Robotics & Automation Magazine (M-RA)

IEEE Transactions on Communications Systems

IEEE Transactions on Information Theory (T-IT)

IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (T-SE)

IERS Technical Note / International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service

IET Optoelectronics (2007 - 2020)

IfE Newsletter


IHJ Cardiovascular Case Reports (CVCR)

IIUC Studies. Annual Research Journal of the International Islamic University Chittagong

IKT-Einsatz in Unternehmen

Illinois Agricultural Economics (via JSTOR)

Illustrated Bee Journal (via EBSCO Host)

Illustrirte kunstgewerbliche Zeitschrift für Innendekoration (Dublette)

Ilustracíon Popular, La

Images Économiques des Entreprises et des Groupes

Imam Journal of Applied Sciences

IMK Policy Brief

Immobilienmarktbericht ... Thüringen. Landkreis Gotha, Wartburgkreis und kreisfreie Stadt Eisenach

Immunology (1996 -)

Impact free : Journal für freie Bildungswissenschaftler

Impfsituation bei Kindern im Vorschul- und Schulalter Sachsen-Anhalt

Improving College and University Teaching (via JSTOR)

In Defense of the Alien : Proceedings of the ... Annual National Legal Conference on Immigration and Refugee Policy (via Hein Online)

In touch / Irish National Teachers' Organisation

Inceptum: Revista de Investigación en Ciencias de la Administración

Indagationes Mathematicae (Proceedings)

Index (New York, NY 1877) (via EBSCO Host)

India in Transition

Indian Heart Journal

Indian Journal of Continuing Nursing Education

Indian Journal of Intellectual Property Law, The (via Hein Online)

Indian Journal of Pathology & Microbiology (via EBSCO Host)

Indian Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery

Indiana International & Comparative Law Review (via Hein Online)

Indicators of Industry and Services (Read Only)

Indo Internacional SA MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Indonesian Journal of Chemistry and Environment

Industria Nacional, La

Industrial Engineering Letters

Industrial Organic Chemicals Industry Profile: France (via EBSCO Host)

Industrielle Automation

Inex Partners Oy MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

InFarmatik Kft Medtrack Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Infineon Technologies AG SWOT Analysis (via EBSCO Host)

Info Diabetologie

Infodienst Weihenstephan (anfangs: Informationsdienst Weihenstephan)

Informacionnij bjulletin' / Kommunisticeskaja Partija Rossijskoj Federacii, Central'nyj Komitet

Information and Culture: A Journal of History

Information Holdings, Inc. SWOT Analysis (via EBSCO Host)

Information Security Theory and Practices (WISTP)

Information Technology in Childhood Education Annual

Informationsbrief Ausländerrecht (InfAuslR)

Informe Anual de Prospectiva

Informe INCIPE / Instituto de Cuestiones Internacionales y de Política Exterior

INFORMS Journal on Applied Analytics

Infrastrukturbericht Marzahn-Hellersdorf


INIA Divulga

INMATEH - Agricultural Engineering (via EBSCO Host)

Innogenetics N.V. SWOT Analysis (via EBSCO Host)

Innovation og Forskning

Innovationsindikator (formerly: Innovationsindikator Deutschland)

Inorganic Materials

Inquiry : Critical Thinking Across the Disciplines

INSEE Analyses Bretagne

Insight Communications Company, Inc. MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Inspired Gaming Group Limited MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Instruction Publique en Suisse, l': Annuaire

Insurance Conference Planner (via EBSCO Host)

Insurance Industry Profile: Switzerland (via EBSCO Host)

Integra LifeSciences Holdings Corporation SWOT Analysis (via EBSCO Host)

Integrated Research Limited MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Integrierter Pflanzenschutz. Erwerbszierpflanzenbau, Baumschulgehölze und Stauden

Intelligence Report

Intellisync Corporation SWOT Analysis (via EBSCO Host)

Interaction and Multiscale Mechanics


Interdisciplinary Journal for Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society (J-RaT)

Interface: Comunicacao, Saude, Educacao (via EBSCO Host)

Interim Interdisciplinary Journal

Internal Medicine (2004-)

International Aquatic Research (2012-2019)

International Cancer Conference Journal (nicht die aktuellen Hefte)

International Comparisons of Adult Literacy (via EBSCO Host)

International congress / International Society of Penal Military Law and Law of War (via Hein Online) = Recueils de la Societe Internationale de Droit Penal Militaire et de Droit de la Guerre

International Direct Investment Statistics Yearbook = Annuaire des Statistiques d'Investissement Direct International

International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law & Economics (via EBSCO Host)

International Geology Review

International Issues & Slovak Foreign Policy Affairs (via CIAO)

International Journal for Philosophy of Religion (ältere Jahrgänge via JSTOR)

International Journal of Academic Value Studies

International Journal of Advanced Media and Communication (IJAMC)

International Journal of Advances in Science and Technology (IJAST)

International Journal of Agricultural Sciences

International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents

International Journal of Applied Pharmaceutics

International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education (IJAIED) (älter als 5 Jahre)

International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharma Research

International Journal of Biochemistry Research & Review

International Journal of BioSciences & Technology (via EBSCO Host)

International Journal of Business Excellence

International Journal of Career Management

International Journal of Chronic Diseases

International Journal of Co-operative Accounting and Management (IJCAM)

International Journal of Comparative Sociology (1960-2001)

International Journal of Computer Games Technology

International Journal of Computer Trends and Technology (IJCTT)

International Journal of Control Science and Engineering

International Journal of Current Pharmaceutical Research

International Journal of Design Education, The

International Journal of Disaster Risk Science

International Journal of Early Years Education

International Journal of Ecosystem

International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering Systems

International Journal of Emerging Technologies and Society (formerly: Australian Journal of Emerging Technologies and Society)

International Journal of Engineering (IJETT)

International Journal of Entrepreneurship / Allied Academies

International Journal of Ethics

International Journal of Finance & Economics (via EBSCO Host)

International Journal of Forest Engineering (älter als 4 Jahre)

International Journal of Geographical Information Science (IJGIS) (Formerly: International Journal of Geographical Information Systems)

International Journal of Group Psychotherapy

International Journal of Heart Rhythm

International Journal of Human Factors and Ergonomics (IJHFE)

International Journal of Immunology

International Journal of Information Quality

International Journal of Innovation Science

International Journal of Kinesiology in Higher Education, The (-2016)

International Journal of Law, Education, Social and Sports Studies (IJLESS)

International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Culture (LLC)

International Journal of Management, Knowledge and Learning

International Journal of Material Forming

International Journal of Medical and Pharmaceutical Case Reports

International Journal of Metrology and Quality Engineering (IJMQE) (2010-2014)

International Journal of Modern Manufacturing Technologies (IJMMT)

International Journal of Nanomaterials and Chemistry (IJNC)

International Journal of Nonlinear Science

International Journal of Oceanography and Marine Ecological System

International Journal of Organizational Analysis (1993-2002) (via EBSCO Host)

International Journal of Pedagogies and Learning

International Journal of Pharmaceutics

International Journal of Plant Engineering and Management (via CAJ)

International Journal of Primatology

International Journal of Public Administration in the Digital Age (IJPADA)

International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics

International Journal of Research and Reviews in Applied Sciences

International Journal of Responsible Management in Emerging Economies

International Journal of Sciences

International Journal of Shape Modeling. (via EBSCO Host)

International Journal of Social Sciences: IJSS = Uluslararası Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi: USBD

International Journal of Speleology

International Journal of STEM Education for Sustainability

International Journal of Sustainable Crop Production (IJSCP)

International Journal of Technical Research and Applications (IJTRA)

International Journal of the Jurisprudence of the Family : IJJF (via Hein Online)

International Journal of Training Research

International Journal of Vehicle Autonomous Systems (IJVAS)

International Journal of Wireless and Microwave Technologies

International Journal on Disability and Human Development (formerly: Journal of Endocrine Genetics, The)

International Labour Law Reports Online

International Marketing Review

International Online Journal of Educational Sciences (IOJES)

International Policy Report

International Relations / Uluslararasi Iliskiler (via EBSCO Host)

International Review of Economics and Finance (IREF)

International Review of Sociology (via EBSCO Host)

International Spectator : Journal of the Istituto Affari Internazionali

International Summit on the Teaching Profession

International Trade Forum

International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference (IWCMC)

Internationale Revue für Soziale Sicherheit (via EBSCO Host)

Internet Access Industry Profile: Brazil (via EBSCO Host)

Internet Journal of Allied Health Sciences and Practice

Internet Journal of Oncology

Internet Software & Services Industry Profile: Global (via EBSCO Host)

Interpreting Conflict (via EBSCO Host)

Intertem@s (Intertemas)

Intevac, Inc. MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Introduction to Social Security (via EBSCO Host)

Inverse Problems in Science & Engineering (via EBSCO Host)

Investigación y Formación Pedagógica

Investment Climate Report ... : in the Arab Countries

Invoice Inc. SWOT Analysis (via EBSCO Host)

IonField Systems Medtrack Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

IPC The Hospitalist Company, Inc. MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

IQuum Inc Medtrack Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Iranian Journal of Emergency Medicine

Iranian Journal of Science and Technology (IJSTE) / Transactions of Electrical Engineering (2016 -)

Iraqi Journal of Desert Studies = المجلة العراقية لدراسات الصحراء الأ

IRE Transactions on Medical Electronics : ME

Irish Arts Review Yearbook (via JSTOR)

Irish Jurist and local Government Review, The (via JSTOR)

iRobot Corporation MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

IS Solutions PLC MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

ISIM Paper / International Institute for the Study of Islam in the Modern World

Islamic Business & Finance (via wiso)

ISM Journal of International Business

Israel Economic Review

ISRN Analytical Chemistry (via EBSCO Host)

ISRN Family Medicine

ISRN Oncology

ISRN Toxicology

Issues in Innovation (via EBSCO Host)

İstatistiklerle c̦ocuk = Statistics on Child

Istoryko-heohrafični Doslidžennja v Ukraini

IT Hardware Industry Profile: Germany (via EBSCO Host)

IT Spektrum (Formerly: Objektspektrum)

Italian Labour Law e-journal

Itautec S.A. MarketLine Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

Itinera Spiritualia: Commentarii Periodici Instituti Carmelitani Spiritualitatis Cracoviae

iTV Gambling Industry Profile: United Kingdom (via EBSCO Host)

IUP Journal of Operations Management (via EBSCO Host)

IVF Hartmann Holding AG Medtrack Company Profile (via EBSCO Host)

IZA Journal of Labor Policy (2019-)

Izvestija Samarskogo Naučnogo Centra RAN