Renaissance Drama

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Fulltext available since: Volume 1 (1955)
Publisher: University of Chicago Press ; JSTOR ; formerly Northwestern University Press, Project Muse
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Subject(s): Media and Communication Studies, Journalism
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Comment: First published in 1955 as Opportunities for Research in Renaissance Drama (Exclusive of Shakespeare). In 1956, for one year, the title was changed to Renaissance Drama. In 1958 it was changed to Opportunities in Research for Renaissance Drama. In 1963 it was changed to Renaissance Drama, a Report on Research Opportunities, and in 1964 changed back to Renaissance Drama. Via Project Muse nur 38.2010 - 40.2012 verfügbar. Via JSTOR unter der aktuellen Titelfassung erst ab 7.1964 verfügbar, früheres s.u. den Vorgängertiteln.
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Titel: Renaissance drama

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