Rivista Italiana di Numismatica e Scienze Affini

Availability: freely accessible
Homepage(s): http://ancientworldonline.blogspot.co.at/2010/09/open-a... http://www.socnumit.org/page_22.html
Fulltext available since: Volume 1 (1888)
Fulltext available until: Volume 72 (1970)
Publisher: Ludovico Felice Cogliati
ZDB-ID: 2817995-X
Subject(s): History
Appearance: retrospectively digitized
Costs: free of charge
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(Source: ZDB)

Titel: Rivista italiana di nvmismatica e scienze affini / edita dalla Società Numismatica Italiana Onlus

Inventory: 1.1888 - 4.Ser. 2=44.1942,3

Signature: Num.109-q

Location: Leipzig UB // HB

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