Annales de l'Académie de Mâcon

Availability: freely accessible
Fulltext available since: (1851)
Fulltext available until: (2010)
Publisher: Académie de Mâcon
ZDB-ID: 2747876-2
Subject(s): History
P-ISSN(s): 0980-6032
Appearance: retrospectively digitized
Costs: free of charge
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Titel: Annales de l'Académie de Mâcon

Inventory: 1.1851/53 - 15.1877; 2.Sér. 1.1878 - 12.1895; 3.Sér. 1.1896 - 25.1926/27

Signature: Ges.-Schr.24-i

Location: Leipzig UB

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