Rivista Italiana delle Sostanze Grasse, La (RISG)

Availability: freely accessible
Homepage(s): http://innovhub.imginternet.it/media/pubblicazioni/risg...
Fulltext available since: Volume 96 (2019)
Publisher: Innovhub, Stazioni Sperimentali per l'Industria S.r.l.
ZDB-ID: 3036089-4
Subject(s): Chemistry and Pharmacology, Process Engineering, Biotechnology
E-ISSN(s): 2611-9013
P-ISSN(s): 0035-6808
Appearance: Fulltext, online only
Costs: free of charge
Comment: Für Jg. 88 (2011) - 95 (2018) sind Inhaltsverzeichnisse vorhanden. Ab 2020 e-only.