Archives of Family Medicine

Verfügbarkeit: frei zugänglich
Volltext online seit: Jg. 1 (1992)
Volltext online bis: Jg. 9 (2000)
Verlag: American Medical Association, HighWire
ZDB Nummer: 2004809-9
Fachgruppe(n): Medizin
E-ISSN(s): 1941-1758
P-ISSN(s): 1063-3987
Form: Volltext, Online und Druckausgabe
Kosten: kostenlos
Bemerkung: The AMA's "Archives of Family Medicine" and “JAMA Français” are now available from the CLOCKSS Archive. The American Medical Association announced on January 23rd that the journals "Archives of Family Medicine" and “JAMA Français” are no longer available from their journal site and will be accessible through the CLOCKSS Archive