Nuance: The International Journal of Family Policy and Related Issues

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Volltext online seit : Jg. 1 (1999)
Verlag : Queensland University, Australia
ZDB Nummer : 2106652-8
Fachgruppe(n) : Politologie, Soziologie
E-ISSN(s) : 1443-8356
Form : Volltext, nur online
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Bemerkung : The purpose of Nuance is to critically assess policies, beliefs and research about the family. This includes critical assessment of data and research methods, legal practice, professional standards, as well as the stereotyping of men, women and their families. We argue that these elements underpin legislation, policy, and practice in the legal, legislative, media and administrative institutions of western culture. The debates in our society about men, women and families have, we argue, been based on a set of beliefs and practices about men and women that this journal challenges.