Archives of Maryland

Verfügbarkeit: frei zugänglich
Volltext online seit: Jg. 1 (1637)
Verlag: Maryland State Archives
ZDB Nummer: 2186711-2
Fachgruppe(n): Anglistik. Amerikanistik, Geschichte
P-ISSN(s): 0066-6645
Form: retrodigitalisiert
Kosten: kostenlos
Bemerkung: The ongoing Maryland State Archives publication series, Archives of Maryland Online, currently provides access to over 388,000 historical documents that form the constitutional, legal, legislative, judicial, and administrative basis of Maryland's government. Online access enables users to research such topics as Maryland's constitutions and constitutional conventions' proceedings, session laws, proceedings of the General Assembly, governors' papers, and military records. This project allows the Archives to place into electronic form and preserve for future generations records that are scattered among a number of repositories and that often exist only on rapidly disintegrating paper