Virtual Journal of Industrial Effluents

Verfügbarkeit : Nicht zugänglich
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Volltext online seit : Jg. 1 (2004)
Volltext online bis : Jg. 3 , H. 3 (2016)
Verlag : Elsevier
ZDB Nummer : 2145252-0
Fachgruppe(n) : Energietechnik
Form : Volltext, nur online
Kosten : keine Angabe
Bemerkung : This virtual journal publishes once every month a new (electronic) issue containing the latest articles on industrial effluents. An overview of these articles is given in the Table of Contents of the issue. Each article will have links to the abstracts and full text. Scientists can subscribe to an alerting service that will alert them when a new issue has been added. The alerting service, the Table of Contents and abstracts are freely accessible. The full text is only accessible for individuals whose institute subscribes to Science Direct (Elsevier's electronic library containing the full text of all Elsevier's journals), or for individuals who, either themselves or whose institute has an electronic subscription to Water Science and Technology.
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