Virtual Journal for Biomedical Optics (VJBO)

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Volltext online seit : Jg. 1 , H. 1 (2006)
Volltext online bis : Jg. 13 , H. 7 (2018)
Verlag : Optical Society of America (OSA)
ZDB Nummer : 2237091-2
Fachgruppe(n) : Medizin, Technik
P-ISSN(s) : 1931-1532
Form : Volltext, nur online
Kosten : kostenpflichtig
Bemerkung : Readers who wish to access the full-text PDF files of articles published in the Virtual Journal for Biomedical Optics must have a current personal or institutional online subscription to the source journal (e.g., Applied Optics) or to the OSA Optics InfoBase. Articles from Optics Express are open access and do not require a subscription. A pay-per-view option is also available for downloading individual articles. The Virtual Journal for Biomedical Optics consists of selected articles recently published in OSA's peer-reviewed journals. For the virtual journal, biomedical optics is considered to include research involving the interface between light and medicine or biology. Articles are selected by the editor, Dr. Gregory W. Faris, on the basis of relevancy using OCIS codes and abstract keywords. Each issue comprises articles published in the source journals during the previous month. Additional content such as editorials, meeting announcements, tutorials and reviews, and articles from other publications will also be solicited and published as the virtual journal expands its scope over time.
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