Electronic Journal of Analytic Philosophy, The

Verfügbarkeit: frei zugänglich
Homepage(s): http://ejap.louisiana.edu/
Volltext online seit: Jg. 1 (1993)
Volltext online bis: Jg. 7 (2002)
Verlag: Department of Philosophy, Indiana University
ZDB Nummer: 2025497-0
Fachgruppe(n): Philosophie
E-ISSN(s): 1071-5800
Form: Volltext, nur online
Kosten: kostenlos
Bemerkung: A message from the Editor: "At the moment, there is no URL for EJAP. This is a temporary situation. I have just taken over as editor in chief. I have all the old files and am currently working on getting the journal back on-line at a new location. Please keep an eye on the PHILOSOP mailing list for future announcements. Currently, I am waiting for final approval for a machine. Please feel free to check back with me at this address for updates. One of the things that may be of interest to you is that when the journal comes back on-line, it should be fully compliant with the Open Archive Initiative." (Istvan S. N. Berkeley, Ph.D., Feb 12, 2001)