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Leipzig University Library owns the biggest papyrus scroll devoted to ancient Egyptian medicine and the only one to have been completely preserved. It was acquired for the library in 1873 by the Leipzig Egyptologist Georg Ebers. In 1875, he had a facsimile edition of the text written in hieratic script published.

The entire text complete with translations of all the prescriptions into German and English has been online since 2017. In 2021, a replica of the scroll, which is 18.63 metres long, went on display in a separate showroom in the foyer of Bibliotheca Albertina. (Publication on the Ebers Papyrus showroom, German and English)

Successful fundraising

The University Library wants to make its holdings accessible to the public as comprehensively as possible. This project is supported by the Förderverein Bibliotheca Albertina e. V. For the showroom, the Förderverein (friends' association), the University Library and the Leipzig University have found additional sponsors. We thank the sponsors and around 80 private donors for their generous support.