Library Services

The Law Library is open to the public with a non-circulating collection, i.e. items can only be used within the library.

Not open to the public are 19 reserved collections by University professors as well as two subject divisions within the library. These approx. 7000 volumes are displayed as "Längerfristige Ausleihe" in the catalog or with the subject of the divisions. They are available on inquiry. Please contact the staff at the service desk.

At Law Library 3 group study rooms are available, called "Parlatorium". You find them on the 2nd floor offering 28 or 20 workplaces. In the whole library Wi-Fi is available. At the biggest group study room also LAN is available. A reservation is not neccassary.

You can use book scanner for free in LUL. High quality scans can be produced and saved at a flash drive or send to your phone. The scanners are book friendly, environmentally friendly, quiet and low-emission.

A copy and print machine is located on the first floor. This service is offered by Canon Deutschland University Services GmbH.

Please notice that you can only print PDF from flash drive. Copies and prints are fee based.

At Law Library you can hire lockers to store your personal materials for 60 days. Please ask at the service desk at first floor.

Schließfachordnung [dt. terms of use, PDF – 102kB. In German only]