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The Law Library is open to the public. The Library is located at two branches (Law Library I and Law Library II).

In addition to the public collection, there are titles which are located in the study rooms of the Faculty of Law. These volumes are displayed as "Längerfristige Ausleihe" in the catalogue. Please contact the staff at the service desk.

Signature Branch Floor  
PA Law Library I/II 3rd/2nd Allgemeine juristische Zeitschriften
PB Law Library I 3rd Gesetz- und Amtsblätter
PC Law Library I/II 3rd/2nd Allgemeines zum juristischen Studium und zur Rechtswissenschaft
PD Law Library I 3rd Bürgerliches Recht, Privatrecht allgemein  
PE Law Library I 3rd Handelsrecht, Gesellschafts- u. Unternehmensrecht, sowie sonstiges privates Wirtschaftsrecht
PF Law Library I 3rd Arbeitsrecht
PG Law Library I 3rd Rechtspflege, Gerichtsverfassung, Zivilverfahrensrecht und Nebengebiete
PH Law Library I 2nd Strafrecht, Strafverfahrensrecht, Kriminologie
PI Law Library I 2nd Allgemeine Rechtslehre und Rechtstheorie, Rechts- und Staatsphilosophie, Rechtssoziologie
PJ Law Library I 2nd Medizinrecht
PK Law Library II 2nd Allgemeine Staatslehre und Staatsphilosophie
PL Law Library II 2nd Staatsrecht und Verfassungsgeschichte
PM Law Library II 2nd Zeitschriften und Entscheidungssammlungen zum Staats- und Verwaltungsrecht
PN Law Library II 3rd Verwaltungswissenschaften und Verwaltungsrecht
PO Law Library I 2nd Recht sozialistischer und ehemals sozialistischer Staaten (Ostrecht) bis Erscheinen 1989
PP Law Library II 3rd Finanz-, Steuer- und Zollrecht
PQ Law Library I 3rd Sozialrecht
PR Law Library I 2nd Völkerrecht
PS Law Library I 2nd Europarecht, Recht der Europäischen Gemeinschaften bzw. der Europäischen Union
PT Law Library I 3rd Internationales Privatrecht
PU Law Library I 3rd Ausländisches Privatrecht, Privatrechtsvergleichung und -vereinheitlichung
PV Law Library I 3rd Antikes und Römisches Recht, Mediävistik, Privatrechtsgeschichte der Neuzeit
PW Law Library I 3rd Deutsche und ausländische Rechtsgeschichte
PX Law Library I 2nd Kirchenrecht ab 1918
PY Law Library I 2nd Historische Kanonistik
PZ Law Library I 2nd Datenverarbeitung und Recht

Essential for law students at the University of Leipzig: the Beck-Online database. In order to access important legal texts from home, you will find the first steps explained in the following short how-to video.

How to: Beck-Online [in German only]

Law I: There are 4 group study rooms are available, called "Parlatorien". They are located on the 2nd floor. Mobile whiteboards are available, for whiteboard markers please contact staff at the service desk. In the whole library Wi-Fi is available. At the biggest group study room also LAN is available. A reservation is not neccassary.

Law II: There are 4 group study rooms, called "Parlatorien". They are located on the 2nd floor. On the 2nd and 3rd floors there is one group room, designated as a quiet reading area. Mobile whiteboards are available, for whiteboard markers please contact staff at the service desk.
In the whole library Wi-Fi is available. A reservation is not neccassary, they can be occupied depending on availability.

Both libraries have a workroom with a height-adjustable desk
Law I, Room 3.05
Law II, room 2.19
Both rooms contain one each:
Height-adjustable desk: Palmberg CWGG1608MD sitting and standing desk with CREW C base frame double telescope, electrically adjustable 65 to 125 centimetres, dimensions: 200 by 80 by 72 centimetres ¾
Access to these separate rooms is possible during opening hours with transponders; these are deposited at the respective service desks.

You can use book scanners for free in LUL. High quality scans can be produced and saved on a flash drive or sent to your smartphone (currently only available at Law Library II). The scanners are book friendly, environmentally friendly, quiet and low-emission.

A copy and print machine is located on the first floor. This service is offered by Canon Deutschland University Services GmbH.

Please notice that you can only print PDF from flash drive. Copies and prints are fee based.

At Law I and Law II you can hire lockers to store your personal materials for 60 days. Please ask at the service desk at first floor.

Schließfachordnung [dt. terms of use, PDF – 102kB. In German only]

Beverages in stable and firmly closable containers are permitted in the reading areas as long as you do not disturb anyone with them. It is generally not allowed to eat in the reading areas. If you would like to take a meal break in the library, you are welcome to use the entrance area.

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