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  • Getting the first research articles published can feel like navigating the waters of a stormy ocean. The academic publishing system is designed to ensure quality, transparency, and equity in disseminating scientific knowledge. However, its processes may not be immediately intuitive to everyone.
  • In this workshop, we will start from real examples of published research articles and demystify the intricate journey of scientific publication. From crafting a well-prepared manuscript to submitting it, undergoing peer review, and ultimately achieving publication, you will gain insights into the entire process. The goal is to empower the participants with the knowledge needed to confidently navigate the academic publishing landscape.
  • The workshop will also touch on important related topics, including literature research, science metrics, open science, ethics and integrity in publishing, and more. It is tailored for students and early-career scientists preparing their inaugural scientific publication but everyone is welcome.

Target group

Students of advanced semesters and early doctoral students from all disciplines

Number of participants15
Duration90 minutes
Date/timedates will be updated soon, please ask for particular dates if needed (Medicine and Sciences Library, Schulungsraum)

Dr. E. Martini
Tel.: +49 341 97-14240