Workplaces and Equipment

LUL offers a large number of desks in different learning and working environments in its locations. You are free to choose your seat in the reading rooms, no prior seat booking is necessary anymore. In all branches of Leipzig University Library, there is an obligation to wear a medical mouth-nose protection as soon as the minimum distance of 1.5 meters cannot be maintained. However, there is a strong recommendation to wear a medical mouth-nose protection or a FFP2/KN95 mask without exhalation valve on all traffic routes. For digital contact tracing we use the free Corona-Warn-App, the libraries are equipped with corresponding QR codes.

Computer workplaces are available in all branch libraries. Due to divergent infrastructure different kinds of logins have to be considered.


Combination of library number and associated password. It is necessary to change the default password in your library account in order to use our computer workplaces. About an hour after changing it, logging in should be feasible. Please mind that after a replacement of your library card or reset to default password a new one has to be set.


Identifier assigned by the University Computer Centre to all university members. Further information can be found on the page about the Uni-login.

Which login do I need at each branch library?

Category of PersonsBibliotheca Albertina and Library of Veterinary MedicineAll Other Branch Libraries and E-Assessment-Center (at Bibliotheca Albertina GF)

University members


External users of LUL


Library-login (only after password change)

PhD students of Leipzig University (verification required) with a valid library card can apply for an individual study space. Individual study spaces are assigned until 22 December 2021, it is not possible to extend this period.

A claim cannot be raised. With receiving the key you accept the terms of use [dt. Schließfachordnung, PDF – 102kB, In German only].


No spaces available at the moment because of the ongoing fire safety works

Library for Education and Sport Science10Desk, chair, locker, computer with 2 screens, Wi-Fi, LAN
Application possible from 14–28 June 2021

For intensive writing and learning phases, you can book a carrel at three UBL locations. Carrels can be booked for 4 weeks. There is the option of 3 extensions provided that the place has not been pre-booked by someone else. You can check here if carrels are available and at which location and reserve one if necessary.
Please note that due to the high demand, it may happen that all individual workplaces are already allocated and have already been pre-booked several times.

Locations and equipment:

LocationAvailable carrelsEquipmennt

Bibliotheca Albertina


WiFi, LAN, lockable cabinet, lockable glass door
check availability
Campus Library4

WiFi, LAN, lockable glass door
check availability

Library Medicine/Natural Sciences21 room, 2 workplaces, PC , WiFi, lockable cabinet, whiteboard
check availability

We offer space to study, work or collaborate. At Bibliotheca Albertina and several branch libraries group study rooms are available. These rooms differ in size and equipment. Please see the list below:

LibraryNumber of Rooms (Persons per Room)EquipmentReservation

Bibliotheca Albertina

 3 (4–6 persons)

Moveable desks, partially with whiteboards

Campus Library9 (2–8 persons)Moveable desksReservation
Medicine and Sciences Library4 (4–6 persons)Moveable desks, whiteboards, 2 rooms with screens, 2 PCsReservation
Library of Education and Sport Science5 (4 persons)Reservation
Library of Veterinary Medicine2 (6 persons)Whiteboards, 1 PCReservation

Checkroom lockers

Free available checkroom lockers may be used during your stay. Please empty it when the respective library closes. If a locker is not emptied by closing time or in case of lost key we will open it for a fee you will have to pay. Items not collected will be stored for 6 months and disposed afterwards.

Permanent Lockers

The loan of permanent lockers is only possible with a valid library card. With receiving the key for a locker / mobile book cart / workspace for PhD students you accept the terms of use [dt. Schließfachordnung, PDF – 102kB, In German only]. Due to the high demand only one locker / mobile cart or workspace for PhD students may be booked.

Bibliotheca Albertina: You can check here if lockers on loan are available or request one.
Campus Library: Lockers are awarded in order of the waiting list.
Medicine and Sciences Library: You can check here if lockers on loan are available or request one.
Library of Education and Sport Science: You can check here if lockers on loan are available or request one.

Mobile book carts

At Bibliotheca Albertina we offer mobile book carts that can be rented for six months by PhD students of Leipzig University.

Please send appointment requests to


Bibliotheca Albertina

Being planned (will open after completion of the fire safety measures)

Campus LibraryWorkplace, high chair/game table, playpen, toys
Medicine and Sciences Library2 computer workplaces, high chair/game table, resting/nursing chair, playpen, toys
Library of Education and Sport ScienceComputer workplace, high chair/game table, resting/nursing chair, playpen, toys

Microforms (microfilm, microfiche)

Bibliotheca Albertina

Records, tapes

Library of Musicology

Special databases

Bibliotheca Albertina (American Space – Access to e-libraryUSA)

Library of Area Studies (Taiwan Resource Center for Chinese Studies – Access to databases of the National Central Library)