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Workplaces and Equipment

We offer space to study, work or collaborate. At Bibliotheca Albertina and several branch libraries group study rooms are available. These rooms differ in size and equipment. Please see the list below:

librarynumber of rooms (places)equipmentreservation?

Bibliotheca Albertina

4 (6–8 places)

2 rooms with whiteboards, 1 computer

reserve online

Campus Library

10 (2–12 places)

partially with whiteboards, LCD-projector on loan possible

reserve online

Medicine and Sciences Library4 (currently only 2)reserve online

Law Library

3 (20/20/28 places)


Library of Veterinary Medicine

2 (each 12 places)

1 computer

yes, on site

PhD students of Leipzig University (verification required) with a valid library card can apply for an individual study space. These are available at Bibliotheca Albertina and Campus-Library. Individual study spaces are assigned for 12 months, it is not possible to extend this period.

No spaces available. The next application period starts in August 2019.

A claim cannot be raised. With receiving the key you accept the terms of use [dt. Schließfachordnung, PDF 43kB, In German only].




desk, chair, locker, Wi-Fi, LAN


Working place in the PhD Study Room (priority given to PhD students in the field of humanities and social sciences)
desk, chair, locker, computer with 2 screens, Wi-Fi, LAN



desk, chair, Wi-Fi, LAN

Library for Education and Sport Science10Working place in the PhD Study Room
desk, chair, locker, computer with 2 screens, Wi-Fi, LAN

Checkroom lockers

Free available checkroom lockers may be used during your stay. Please empty when the respective library closes, or 5 am at Campus-Library. If a locker is not emptied by closing time or in case of lost key we open it for a fee you have to pay. Items not collected will be stored for 6 months and afterwards disposed.

Permanent Lockers

The loan of permanent lockers is only possible with a valid library card. With receiving the key for a locker you accept the terms of use [dt. Schließfachordnung, PDF 52kB, In German only].

Bibliotheca Albertina: You can check here if lockers on loan are available or request one.
Campus-Library: Lockers are awarded in order of the waiting list.
Medicine and Sciences Library: You can check here if lockers on loan are available or request one.

Mobile book carts

At Bibliotheca Albertina we offer mobile book carts that can be rented for six months by PhD students of Leipzig University.


Microforms (microfilm, microfiche)

Bibliotheca Albertina, Campus-Library

Records, tapes

Bibliotheca Albertina, Library of Musicology

Special databases

Bibliotheca Albertina (American Space – Access to e-libraryUSA)

Campus-Library (databases for Economics)

Library of Oriental Studies (Taiwan Resource Center for Chinese Studies – Access to databases of the National Central Library)

Workplace for visually impaired user

Bibliotheca Albertina