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Transforming Libraries

Libraries are changing just as their users are. People expect different services from libraries in the digital age. This German-American conference explores some of the changes to come and reflects on experiences gathered in the recent past. We want to start a wider discussion among participants, working from examples in the US and in Germany. Let us try to learn from each other.

Welcome address


Rethinking User Needs in Public Libraries

September 16, 12 am–6 pm

12 am–3 pm

Welcome address:
Timothy Eydelnant, Consul General of the United States
Ulrich Johannes Schneider, Director of Leipzig University Library

  • Arne Ackermann (Munich): How new buildings can emerge from old ones
  • Jonas Fansa (Berlin): Lessons learned from reassigning library spaces 
  • Anja Flicker (Wuerzburg): Design thinking for libraries with local communities 
  • David Leonard (Boston): Modernising library spaces: The Johnson experience
3–3.30 pmcoffee break

3.30–4.30 pm

Panel debate: Where are the change librarians when it comes to building?

4.30–6 pm

Lydia Guterman, Doyung Lee and Avery Normandin (MIT Media Lab): Projects, Passion, Peers, and Play: Bringing creative learning into your library spaces

Curating Digital Resources in Academic Libraries

September 17, 10 am–4.30 pm 

10 am–12 am
  • Mimi Calter (Stanford): Digital Rights Management: current problems
  • Barbara K. Fischer (Leipzig): Authority files and why they are needed for digital resources
12 am–1 pmlunch break
1–3 pm
  • Leander Seige (Leipzig): Enabling research with IIIF: Working with images 
  • Ulrich Johannes Schneider (Leipzig): Why catalogs provide useful research data for the digital humanities
3–3.30 pmcoffee break
3.30–4.30 pm

Jeffrey C. Witt (Maryland): Making the most of data: on new possibilities when researchers and libraries produce re-usable linked data 

followed by Panel debate: What can libraries do for better research?