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2nd basementSQ–SU
1st floor rightAP 10000–AP 19910
2nd floor right

AP 20000–AP 39800

2nd floor leftAP 40000–AP 99920
1st floor leftSB–SK, SM–SN
2nd floor leftSA

Further subject groups in this open access area:



1st floor left

TA–TC (Earth Sciences)
UB–UX (Physics)
VC–VN (Che­mistry and Pharmacy)
WB–WW (Biology)
1st basementCL–CZ
1st basementQA–QP 240
2nd basementQP 300–QY

Further subject groups in this area:

1st basementAE–AL (Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Higher Education)
2nd basementZG–ZS (Technical Management)





Ground floor

AK–AN (Higher education, Book Science, General)
CB–CI (Philosophy)
E–K (Languages and Literature)
L (Ethnology, Art, Musicology)
M (Politics, Sociology)
N (History)
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