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Indexing and digitization of manuscripts in italian language from the Saxon State and University Library Dresden (SLUB)

The aim of this proposed project is the cataloging of the Italian manuscripts of the SLUB according to the well-established DFG "Richtlinien Handschriftenkatalogisierung" Guidelines for manuscript cataloguing) for medieval and modern manuscripts. Furthermore, all non-medieval manuscripts will be digitized. The stock of 270 volumes will be completely catalogued in the database „Manuscripta Mediaevalia" using the electronic catalog entries of the SLUB manuscript catalog. The digitized manuscripts will be presented in the Digital Collections of the SLUB. Subsequently, they will be accessible via the national and European platforms DDB and Europeana.

The collection is heterogeneous but some emphases on courtly administration and organization as well as cultural representation of the Dresden court are recognizable. Single pieces of the collection of Dresden manuscripts in Italian language have been the focus of research for some time. Their exploitation as a whole and therewith the accessibility for research purposes is restrained by the insufficient cataloguing situation, which - after the Wars of 20th century - does not reliably lead the path to the original piece. The level of digitization of Italian manuscripts is comparatively low and therefore also no additional image information can complement the insufficient catalog description. With the results of this project free access to the Dresden manuscripts and possibilities of further research are realized. At the same time the use and its impact on the originals will be reduced. In addition, to prepare the reproduction and cataloguing, the restoration of this segment will be enforced in the SLUB.

The project cooperation combines the competences for the description of medieval manuscripts of the manuscript center of the University Library Leipzig, of the SLUB in the field of digitization and library infrastructure and of the chair of Romance studies for scientific quality control of the description of Italian manuscripts.