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FAQ Service – Using the library

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about our services:

Do I need to announce my library visit?

No, the branches are open to everyone without prior appointment. If you want to give a tour to a group please contact

Do I have to use lockers for my personal belongings?

This is not standardised for all branches. On the respective branches pages, in the overview of the services offered, you will also find information on possible obligatory lockers. You may always take laptops and other study material into the reading rooms though.

Can I eat and drink in the reading areas?

Beverages in sturdy and tightly closed containers are allowed in the reading areas as long as you do not disturb anyone with them. It is generally not allowed to eat in the reading areas.

Some locations have designated areas where you can eat: Bibliotheca Albertina in the entire foyer and in Café Alibi, Campus Library and Law Library I and II in the entrance area, Medicine and Sciences Library in the lounge area in front of the service desk.

I have a disability and would like to use the library. Does Leipzig University Library offer appropriate services?

Yes, we offer services according to your individual needs. You can find detailed information and contact options on the 'Accessibility in our branches' page.

Where is the item I'm looking for? I have its shelfmark but I can't find it.

Please check the catalog to make sure you're in the right branch and the right department – this information is indicated in the catalog just above the shelfmark.

If you're in the right place but the item still seems to be missing, perhaps it has been misplaced and we haven't noticed yet. Write to telling us which item you're looking for and which branch you were in, and we'll start searching.

May I scan, print or copy items?

Yes, this can be done in all branches. For more information please visit the page 'Copy, scan, print'.

Can I use a computer in the library?

Yes, desks with computers are available. Please take note of our information on how to log in under computer workplaces.

How do I get hold of an item that is shown in the catalog as 'bestellbar für Nutzung in der Bibliothek'?

After you have used the 'Request this item' button, delivery timeframes will take effect. You can find these on the branches pages. At the service desk indicated in each case you will then receive the item. There won't be a notification via e-mail.

I'm using a desk and want to take a short break. Am I allowed to do that? What do I have to bear in mind?

Of course you may take a break and move away from your seat at any time. Please leave something of no value behind that indicates use of the space. Please do not leave your valuables unattended.

Please free your desk for others during extended breaks or absences. This applies especially during busy periods.

We would like to work as a study group in a group study room. Are we allowed to do this? What do we have to consider?

The group study room must be booked in advance via room reservation. A maximum of two hours can be booked per day.

Are there parent-child workrooms?

Yes, in the Bibliotheca Albertina, Campus Library, the Medicine and Sciences Library and the Library of Education and Sports Science you can use our parent-child rooms.

I lost something in the library. Are lost and found items collected?

Lost items are kept at the service desk for up to six months. Items of value are handed over directly to the municipal lost and found office.

Which lending conditions do apply?

You can find the respective lending conditions on the page 'Access and use of books and items'. These apply at all LUL locations.

What's my PIN for the self-service terminals?

You set your PIN when you activate your library account. Once your account is activated, you can change it in your library account.

Do I have to return items to the same branch where I borrowed them?

No, they can be returned at any branch of LUL. This does not apply to interlibrary loans though.

Although I've returned an item at a self-service terminal, it's still showing in my account. What should I do?

Please contact and tell us the title of the item, the branch it's from, where you returned it, and your library number.

I'm not in Leipzig at the moment. Can I return items by post?

Yes, returning via post is feasible. We recommend using registered post as you're liable for items until they arrive at the library. Please post them to:

Universitätsbibliothek Leipzig


Beethovenstraße 6

04107 Leipzig

How can I request an interlibrary loan?

Interlibrary loans need to be requested via this portal. Please note that the delivery timeframe depends on the conditions of our partner libraries. For non-university patrons a handling fee of 1,50 € per request applies.

May I renew my interlibrary loans?

Unfortunately, interlibrary loans cannot be renewed. They must be returned by the end of the loan period, otherwise fines will be charged.

Can I pay my fees online?

Online payment is currently not possible. Pay accrued fees by debit card at the automatic pay stations in the Bibliotheca Albertina, the Campus Library, the Library of Education and Sports Science, and the Medicine and Sciences Library.

You can pay in cash in the Bibliotheca Albertina, the Campus Library, the Law Library – Law I, the Library of Education and Sports Science and the Library of Veterinary Medicine.

Outstanding claims whose total amount is more than 10 € can be transferred. To do so, please contact

I don't study at Leipzig University. Can I still register at LUL?

LUL is open to everyone for registration – regardless of affiliation to the university, place of residence and age. Under-16s require a parental permission form [PDF – 46 kB].

I don't have a library card yet and would like to register. What do I have to do?

Please sign up online using one of the forms below. We'll let you know when and where your library card can be picked up.

Patrons with library cards from HMT and HTWK are kindly asked to enquire in person at the service desk.

Do I have to activate my library account?

Yes, once you have your library card, you need to activate your library account. In this process you set a password for the account and a PIN for the self-checkout machines.


We haven't answered your question here?

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